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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Caution: This Dog Quiz May Surprise You...

I came across something recently that I wanted to share with my dog-owning readership as I was a little surprised at how little concise and 'real' information was available on the subject.

Many responsible owners take the time to pick a dog food that they feel represents the needs of their pet and should be applauded for that. What surprised me recently was how little many of us know about a dog's nutritional needs.

The subject of reading the labels on commercial dog food to ascertain the ingredients, the ongoing debate regarding a raw food diet and adding vegetables etc to your dog's diet have been fairly well covered in recent years both online and in various printed formats. There does however seem to be an objective information gap in educating owners to the actual effects of nutrients in a dog's diet, which nutrients are important and why that may be.

To this end, my latest find is a pretty cool quiz that I hope proves to you my points above whilst perhaps proving to be of positive educational benefit to you. I know I was shocked to only score seven out of ten and the average score was only four out of ten!

What I really liked about the quiz is that it highlighted things (the answers are given post-quiz) that the average dog owner may think they know but perhaps don't and the answers given can be used to make us more informed dog owners, which ultimately benefits our canine companions.

Try it here and see for yourself.

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