Personalised Pet Business Memes Pack With A HUGE Bonus Twist!

Using social media? Looking to engage your followers and get your name out there?

Memes personalised to YOUR pet business are the way to go!

Our low-cost pet business memes pack is a set of tried and tested, (we use them ourselves!), facts and quotes that have a proven record of generating lots of shares and engagement on social media.

Whether you are looking to promote your blog or social media pages, having your own memes with the name of your site/pages is the ideal solution to getting your followers to share your name. You also have a consistently re-shareable social architecture that you own.

To keep our costs low and pass this on to you we use a simple but effective meme format that can be seen further down this page. The emphasis is on getting your name out there, not charging expensively for unnecessary 'fancy' graphics and other options, that may price small budget-conscious pet businesses out of taking up this low-cost effective method of promotion. 

We have taken the 'risk' out of any decision to purchase from us. By purchasing from us you will be eligible to be included in our low low cost meme-share network.

How It Works

Option 1

Purchase our meme pack, examples shown below, for the low cost of only £24.99 (around $32) and receive 10 memes personalised to your business, a variation of which can be seen further down this page.

We work with you by asking you to let us know by email the pages that you wish to promote. For example you may want to promote just your blog/website or Facebook/Twitter account or a variation of all three.

Simply send us the EXACT names of the sites/accounts that you wish to promote and your business/individual name so that we can send you a Paypal invoice. Simply pay the invoice and we will send you your memes within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

Any further information that you deem necessary to your order can be communicated to us and we will do our best to oblige. We do appreciate that a dog-walking business may just want dog featured memes and we do you the courtesy of visiting your pages to make suggestions, listen to yours and reach an agreement as to the best options for you, before we invoice for payment and start work on your memes.

We will be happy to make a small revision should it be necessary but have given you clear examples of our memes below and aim to get your order exactly how you want it first time around.

Below is a guideline example of a sample cat and dog 10 memes pack

Option 2

As option 1 above BUT with a huge twist! If you join our meme-share network for just £5 per month  ($6.30 at today's rate), we will share your new personalised memes across our network (not just cat and dog tips). A network of over 75K cat and dog owners and businesses worldwide...or a mixture of each. We can guarantee a lot of exposure for the small fee.

If you like the sound of that then please mail us at letting us know which option you are interested in.

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